Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today, i sat before my computer since 12 at noon, all the way till 1:25 am.- continuously.
I promised myself that i would move on to my novel but i didn't until it was 10. So now, i've just got a chapter finished, working on my next (: Yay. It's getting dramatic, mentally. You just have to get to know Taylor. Maybe I'll post a little bit about her later.
So now, its been about three hours since i've been writing without stopping- no i lied. Just without leaving my thoughts-

I Drank 2 cups of coffee today ( my mom wasn't home :) )
two slices of bread (with coffee)
Yep, i ate Brunch and dinner in front of this bigass screen where it's teasing me with its
'largeness.' my eyes are so busy from running side to side. haha.

I am planning on staying up today until the the sun greets me good night.
HAHA i can hear my mom's snore from the other room x)
but i am tired, but i have to beat it! This is my future! haha.
Ah, my eyes are like half dead, i swear.
anyways. I hope you guys all have a great weekend and, I'll post more later!

++++ I don't know if this all made sense lol! I'm so tired and im saving my energy for my novel.
my eyes are like literally closed.
I probably have alot of typos... bleh, who cares !


Anonymous said...

Just re-name your typo's to "creative licence." That way, everyone will assume you MEANT to misspell the words!
Have a good weekend.

Joey said...

nice one :)
beautiful picture