Saturday, March 28, 2009

random things about me.

1. When i write, i NEVER listen to songs that i know the lyrics to, because i always end up writing the lyrics besides my words -_-

2. My blood type is AB.

3. I listen to more Acoustic rock when I'm writing.

4. My favorite website is, blogspot, myspace and

5. I am currently reading, Blind Faith, by Ellen Wittlinger.

6. I am pretty loud.

7. i speak my mind, no matter what.

8. Sometimes, i can be too honest.

9. I don't eat rough fish. Sushi!-- i hate it.. :/

10. In the vegetable group, i only eat corns, tomato and potatoes.

12. The onion and i are enemies.

13. I like mexican food.

14. Im TIRED of rice.

15. I have a hard time sleeping.

16. I believe in god, but i can't say either if i'm catholic or Christian. I don't need to be labeled.

17. I love taking photographys.

18. I am quite funny :)

19. I like thunder storms.

20. I am very, very independent. I never usually ask for help--


Audrey said...

WOW! This ia a great list Hailey! We have the same blood type and I LOVE Mexican food. I also love rice and sushi and just about every other food there is! You are a doll - you are so sweet and funny. And probably loud! But loud is good :)
Big, big hugs to you!

Lea said...

Life is great and you are just living and loving it. Just like you I have likes and dislikes about anything I have in mind. That is what I call the life in my world. Hehehe.
You are cool!
Keep blogging!
&(^_^)& Lea