Sunday, March 29, 2009

pineapple trees

"Mommy look! Pineapple trees!" The little girl pointed at the window of the taxi they were driving in.
The mother laughed and didn't say a word.
"Mom! Did you see them? They are so tall. They look like Giant pineapples!"
Her eyes chased every single ones as they passed by the window-
one by one, she counted until she reached a number she couldn't hit.
and from that day on, she called them Pineapple trees, until she went to school and learned the word "Palm trees"

I still remember that day like yesterday
so clear, too clear. Kind of breaks my heart thinking back,
after ten years, wanting to seize that very moment;
pointing out from the taxi, on our way home
at my first steps in America, Los Angeles, California.
It's so, so hard to believe
that little girl, who knew nothing,
has already grown so big who now knows something.
-This is one of my personal favorite memories.


Audrey said...

Aww Hailey, that is so sweet! I remember the first time I saw the "pineapple trees" in L.A. I fell in love with them! Thanks for sharing that wonderful memory.

Jeannette St.G. said...

never thought about it that the palms do look like pineapples!
Thanks for sharing that memory!

It's Just Me said...

A movie before words - I do get what you mean....