Saturday, January 31, 2009

Perfect morning

Waking up before the sun is due. Make myself a hot lemon tea, sitting on my dark balcony, sitting face to face with the moon. The clouds would be the soldiers guarding the moon around. The stars would be the audience, watching us acquaint each other about what's going on. Having a little girl chat of the conclusions about what today would be like. I would bring my journal for in case, to take notes.
I would share my cup of tea with the moon. This would be the least i could do since the moon is never off duty. Hard worker; keeps shinning weakly throughout the entire day... wonder if she ever gets tired...
I would ask the moon what it's like up there. Watching anything and everything in all one seconds. Miracles happens, crimes- what does the earth look like in her eyes. Do you talk to the stars? Do you guys play hide and seek? Who's the best? Do you have a best friend?
I wonder what the stars see. I wonder if they know how beautiful they look in my
four eyes. I wonder if they ever really "follow someone around" on purpose. Are they friend's with any of the planets...
After my long early tea party with the moon, i would watch it fade away as the horizon grabs my attention. Alarming me that, it's time. Watching the horizon line orange and the Stars fade.
I wonder if she ever gets tired...


Renee said...

You are a poet Hailey.

I especially liked face to face with the moon.

Love Renee

et said...

It was some pretty awesome thought about the starts n the moon! :)

Keep smiling!