Sunday, February 1, 2009

perfect day.[New York]

I want to go to New York city. Wake up around eight, get ready, wearing casual in sweatpants and a long coat. A black and gray checked scarf around my neck, letting my hair flow over the scarf and my shoulders. Heading to the furthest cafe' from my house, with my Nikon D90(that i dream of) and my journal. The day is going to be dense and opaque. Maybe a few drops of rain following along. Riding in the yellow cab, demanding the driver to take me to the closest cafe' by the Brooklyn Bridge. I would roll the window down no matter how cold it is. I would snap photos of everything in fast motion.
The second i step into the cafe with my camera hanging around my neck, pen clipped onto my pocket and my notebook firmly under my hands- i would trace scent of the coffee onto my seat. Order a hot cup or original cream coffee. Sitting by the window on the furthest back where not a lot is around. Quiet. Classic music playing. Piano strumming through my ears, and a little bit of violin mixture. Unwrap the scarf around my neck, pull of the coat and hang it around my chair. Trying to sit a bit more comfortable.
The waiter comes back with a tray and a cheesecake
that i didn't order. Service. Then, i would start writing... Looking out into the rain, the yellow cabs passing by. The sound of the wheels burning on the concrete ground. People stepping over rain. Splashing as they walk by. People running to catch cabs, people trying hard to dodge the rain... it can go on forever...


sxkim said...

i could just picture that in my mind :)

Pen Pen said...

:) I think we may have the same dream.
I'm a writer too! Many hugs from far away! :)

Pen Pen said...

I sent out the first of my query letters for my first novel today actually--SO excited for the impending rejections to start coming. No-Really! Very soon I'll have letters from all the top agents--most bad, but hopefully a couple asking to see the full manuscript. :)
R u really in South Korea?! That's pretty wild!
I'm 25 and in Houston, Texas.
Do u have anything ur working on?!

Pen Pen said...

yay! Thanks!
U should get the first 3 chapters edited and start sending out query letters while u edit the rest-All u need to submit is the beginning couple of chapters and u can edit the rest while u wait for responses! I can take between a week and a year to get answers from agents.
I read some more of ur blog and ur life seems super interesting--Are you in Korea to be with my mom(you don't have to answer if u don't want-I like to talk about my problems, but I know many people don't). BUT-I am in graduate school for Psychology, so ur info would be safe and confidential :) with me.
And no worries--I have family stuff too--I was contacted by this woman 2 years ago that said she was my half sis. My dad ended up having 2 kids and an x-wife he didn't tell us about. He's such a great person tho-He's the best person I know. His parents and each of his brothers and sisters died when he was vey young in weird ways and then he went to vietnam. He came back and had a terrible time-that was when he had this other daughter and son---Anywho, yeah...LIFe! ahhh!

I was in Dallas a week ago to see my friend-It's a great city!

Pen Pen said...

:) I'm laughing right now cuz we're having a comment conversation.

You can go to and search for the genre of book u have--just follow the guidelines for submission for each agent--u can send off the envelopes to New York and not tell anybody(if u have money to do it). --but I feel u with the 'people thinking ur naive and young thing'! --You'd think people would see u before ur age, but I guess that works just like race and gender for most people...sux!

Renee said...

I am going to ordeer a cup of tea with milk and sit at the booth next to you and watch with enthusiasm your enthusiasm.

Love Renee