Saturday, January 31, 2009


It was raining all day today. Or 'yesterday' since now its 3:31 a.m.
I stayed home all day, not even wondering what it was like outside.
I stayed in. Cozy and lazy under my blankets, listening to Secondhand serenade, editing my book.
Everything's getting so dramatic in the story after finally witnessing what its like to "startle" and to get "butterflies." It made me relate a bit more to my main character Lydia- and made a couple of new changes through the paragraph's( no actually, a lot. ha ha.)
I woke up around 1 30 p.m. My mom left to work at two and came back at 12 hours of work. Dreadful... Trying to keep food on our table and a roof under the rain for both of us, making $1400 a month. That's not much for both of us. Especially for a growing teenager, though now i hardly ask for things i want because i now
do understand our situation completely. : )
While i took some quick "breaks" from my editing, the words my friend said to me just kept
echoing over and over in my head. "You really inspired me." "Your writings made me cry." I'm glad I'm relating with someone.
Oh gosh, my ass feels like it's going to go paper flat if i keep staying on my ass in front of this computer x)

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Renee said...

A flat bum in these days of the big bum will just not do.

Get some sleep.

Times are hard and your right that is not a lot of money for two people.

You are smart not to ask when you know you don't have, it just adds stress.

Have a good weekend.