Monday, December 5, 2011

"when are you.."

   "When are you coming back home?"
Her last unanswered question left me silent- my back fell frail onto my chair. An enigmatic emotion took over my veins, and the light from my eyes.
I was like in the middle of fifty emotions; like standing right in the intersection, desperately  waiting for the green light- or the red. Even the moonlight, because tonight, there was no light.
I had no tears to fight back,
no battlefield to walk through.
Tonight- this question just left me, sitting in front of my old computer screen and these four walls again.
   "Home.." I sighed. I could hear the words echo in my head as it reflects off my bedroom walls and hit back at me.
Where was I now?- If my home was back at home?
Who are the laughter's filling the living room, when my family were supposably waiting back at home?
Where was I?
Where am I?


Shadow said...

deeply reflective this is... i like it!!!

The Unknowngnome said...

It's like the saying: Home is where the heart is.

Your word painting "green light- or the red. Even the moonlight" is something I wish I had come up with.

Javid Suleymanli said...

Hi. I like your blog. :) I live in South Korea too but I'm not Korean :) You don't have twitter or facebook?

Cheyenne said...

Wow, love it x