Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New tattoos . 17 Y.O

^ Got this one last November . 2010

The one that says Courage, I had that since 2010, Nov 18.
I got the last 2 , 2 days ago.

I work at a hotel resuarant as a waitress and 99% of the people that comes in are from All around the world and this evening I had a conversation with one of the guy from Egypt.
I felt so touched and inspired by his words. He asked me what It said on my wrist, and so I answered
' To give'
He asked me what it meant, and I said
' Not to recieve, but to give.'
And he gave me such a great impression and respected me and this personal message. He said it was beautiful, and that I had such a beautiful heart.
In Korea, tattoos aren't great image of anyone here, I explained to him,- and that people would probably disrespect me for this and as a bad image, but he told me,
forget what others say about you. And that this message was beautiful and inspiring.
My manager ( who is the hotels' CEO's Wife) stood next to me with a disgusted expression.. Like I could've sworn that she wanted to rip it off me haha. But he explained to her that it is inspring but, she doesn't speak english well so I'm sure that, her thoughts and opinion still remains to herself and to the tattoo.
But anyays, He said so many other things I don't remember how he explained it but this words still echos in my head this moment.
'To give'
I inked.
Not to recieve, but to give.
& that moment, I felt so respected and so much greater about myself. I wish one day, other people would he more than just this in me.


Sunny & Star said...

This is so sweet. The guy sounds like such a great person and it was so nice what he said to you. I think you tattoos are beautiful. I really love the bird. I would never be able to bring myself to get a tattoo even though I think some are very beautiful.

Christina Rose said...

I loveee your tattoos!