Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where is home?

I dreamt of this girl
Her hair flew down in curls
and her eyes divined pearls.
She would cry and I'd ask why,
She'd defy and I would nigh,
Her eyes pour tides
Like the world's broken ocean-
She'd coarsely whip her eyes..
Her eyes defined, - My very own eyes.
She unfolded my hands,
damp from her eyes,
A furrow aged note,
scribbled 'Please take me back home.'.
Then she left- and the paper awaited.

+It's almost already April,. Times flying really fast. I have a year to find out, what can I do to make me last.
So I have 2 questions. 1) When they say 'home', where and what is home to you?
2) What are your goals this year that you really want to achieve? It can be anyyyything.xo


Freja & Clara said...

1) My home, is at my house, with my family.

2) and goal to achieve this year is to find out what I wanna do after prime school...

Btw cool blog! I just followed you, please follow me :-)

LO' said...

What do you want to get tattooed?

Karen said...

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!!

That is a really great question to pose!! As we are always moving, home is where my husband is!! I also feel at home when I visit my parents in the house I great up in!!


*Trisha* said...

Lovely prose (:

I really liked the analogy, "Like the world's broken ocean" ... like A LOT :D

Hmm.. Home to me.... I've always lived in the same place, so it's easy for me to automatically pick the physical place I'm so used to living in every day. But, I'd have to safe, a place where I feel: safe, always welcome, and comfortable :)

My goals this year:
1. To move out and live on my own for the first time in my life (:
2. To pay off my 12% interest student loan