Saturday, September 25, 2010


I thought I lost it,
for a while, all I've thought was, 'I've lost it.'
Lost it all.

I'd look up and see no sky.
I'd look down and see no ground.
I'd look around and see no hope.
Repeated, why..why me?

Sometimes I would just lose it.
Forget the smiles
and breathe with the lies.
Harmed myself so much
that I've lost myself.

Cure was not found,
and no solution solved the problem...
Sometimes I just wished to dissapear,
Not away from home, nor into the woods.
Just completely dissapear,
Like water into air.

Sometimes I'd pray,
sometimes I'd cry,
Sometimes I sang,
& sometime I hide...

And Sometimes,
I thought great thoughts.
And that thought perspired into standing up,
but on my weak two feet.

I stood.


et said...

And that's the spirit. I loved the way you faced the situations and stood up finally.
When I read a similar poem in a teenager's blog, its almost always sure to end up in the same pessimistic note it started with. But its wonderful how you gather the power and pull yourself together. We just to need o tell our mind that 'U can do it' and it'll, eventually, believe :)
Keep writing

The16YearOldNaive said...

thank you a million ! I will stick around this time, i mean, i have to.
:D <3