Monday, May 4, 2009


Right now, I'm in the middle where I'm so damn confused with everything. UNFORTUNATELY, unbelievable, I've given up with my novel---not the writing process, just the story. A few days ago, I found myself just uncomfortably forcing myself to relate with this story-- I know-- WHY?! Waiting my precious time on the computer every night just for it to end like this! But, through my second novel (which was the one I was working on) I've learned something. Don't rush, and enjoy. I've always tried to squeeze the little story out of my head and I've learned that it shouldn't be that way. I'm disappointed in myself, probably as you are but, I'm going to start writing things that first impresses me than others. I've been looking far too over other's thought that I forgot what I wanted to write about. Ah, I wish I knew this a bit earlier... earlier before I started on Chapter Twelve! Haha,

But, what the heck. I have all the time in the world... There is no need to rush. This time, it will be about what I believe in and what I see. Not what others want or want to see.

Anyways, My mom came back from work, telling me about this ENGLISH WRITING CONTEST here in Korea on the NEWSPAPER! She's going to find more about it tomorrow for me. I'm so excited.

You know, when i see opportunities like this, it makes me think that God has sent these offers straight down from heaven. Ah, if it is. Thank you God. (:
I will deff write more about it tomorrow.


Guess what?! I've got 24 followers! But they should start commenting on my blogs :) hehe.
but thank you so much for supporting and following me, it makes my blog feel worth every single bit. I just love waking up in the morning, excited about what new things I have on Blog spot. So thank you all, even for not commenting and just reading.
And, if you don't mind, please spread the word about my blog :)

Oh yeah, and...
right now, my booty hurts.
From kickboxing, I got my ass kicked by a 7th grader!!! Woah, haha but it was fun. I love it.

Crap, I'm running out of words to!

I was bored and my hair was looking soooooo hot this evening.

and my new Homer Simpson's shirt!
(I love the Simpson's. I grew up with that show!) (

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Carmen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Best of luck with what ever direction you decide to take your writing.

Audrey said...

Hailey, I love visiting your blog! I wish that everyone would pop by and get caught up on the latest installment of Hailey's Life!

I am SUPER happy to read that you are now going to write FOR YOU! If it comes from the heart, it will be more "readable." You are a smart young woman Hailey - you will turn the publishing world upside down! Good luck with the contest! I am sending you good karma!
Love audrey

PixiePirate said...

I know what you mean...inspiration comes to me when I'm NOT trying so hard to force it.

Plus, Homer Simpson = love. :)

Just Jules said...

step away, pretty soon the characters will knock on your brain and speak to you -

in the mean time come over to my humble little place and answer the question "I am..." today - or go one step further and enter the contest (see the details at the post) bring your friends with you ;)