Monday, February 2, 2009

query letters.

So, today i just found out that I was ready to send in some bunch of query letters to an publishing agency in New York! Thanks to Penny(: This is interesting because i don't think I've ever felt this passionate about anything before. I kinda really like this feeling. I feel like jumping off of my chair and just flying to the next building. But at the same time it's so nerve racking, stressing, pressurized- because i need a way to literally drag the agent's faces onto the paper. Something "catchy." This is all so new to me. Just like a baby's first step- and look where I am now. I've been editing all day long! I read the first four chapters over 10 times, I think? I regret for not reading as much as I was forced to when i was younger. I hated reading- yet I loved to write. Isn't that kind of a mix match? Well, right now I've saved up a little bit over a hundred dollars! (for my camera) and i can't believe it haha. Now i need 13 more of those hundreds and it would all be good.... but now that i think about it. I can wait for that... Why can't i just buy more books with these? I think it's a good idea... So, any recommendations?! For a teenager. I don't like "drama". I like action. Complexity. Sad. Tears. Dark, whateves! Recommend me of some of your favorites! But not like really hard ones... ha ha, I'm just now a beginner to this book worm world :) Thanks!


sxkim said...

CATCHY? hahahah lol a 15 year old girl writes a crapload of stuff that's pretty dam good makes you stand out. unless there r other ppls like that... hehe
if ur story is crazily interesting enuff, then you should tell the truth :) those publishing agency ppls r gonna be like woahwoah

instead of buying books.. cuz u dont know if ur gonna like them or not, you should borrow them from the library... if. korean libraries have english books. i read this one realyl deep book its called THE STRANGER by ALBERT CAMUS, i like that book. I'm not sure what books are good beacuse i only read like 10 whole novels in my whole life... so sad. -_- NIGHT by ELIE WIESEL, that boook is at the point and it tells a story. but when u read the whole thing, u could see what the character had to face and how he changes. its cool book. uh

those r probably all the books i know that are good.. if u care about movies, i know some good ones u can watch.
lost in translation
garden state
diving bell and the butterfly
u can download thesse are ares p2p.. u could get everyting from it.

i hope tihs comments long enuff for u lol ! xPP

Renee said...

You can do anything. You are 15 and have the world by the tail. Just remember to always believe in yourself, and more importantly put action behind it. Write your letters.

Love Renee