Monday, February 2, 2009


I remember my language art's teacher asking me
"What is at the end of the rainbow?"
and i answered, "A pot of gold!"
And she got down to my level and whispered, "There is no end."

Do you see that? Santa Monica Pier? That was like my second home. I rode every single ride on that pier. I entered every corners and stores in that Pier. I've played every single games on that Pier. And I've left every scattered pieces of my heart on that pier

It would be so amazing if i could just
photoshop my world.

I would LOVE to just jump into that field of Sunflowers. I wouldn't be afraid if I get lost; because the sunflowers will whisper me to the way out.

Wow, look at that. They are waiting for me.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those random Photos I found on the
Internet. Ha ha.
Earlier today,
I've ordered some "practice text books" for Math-geometry-whateves & Language arts. I don't want to fall back on those subject since I won't be publicly learning them anymore. It's better off to put effort in those then none at all:) Oh and I ordered the book "The giver." It's sad that we don't have American books here in Korean libraries...

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sxkim said...

no american books in korea???????? dam that sucks balls. i wish i could help somehow...... maybe i should write the whole book in microsoft word and send it to you :):) so that u can save ur money lol. it wont hurt to read the book again.

the giver's an okay book. IN MY OPINION that is :)