Monday, January 26, 2009

to, unknown

You know, it takes a lot to heal a life. A child. A damaged child.
It takes a lot to move on and accepting the past.
It takes time to finally let them fade and to pop back in mind when the conversation starts.
It takes forever to reach the end of the damage that they have caused because it just wasn't enough.
But the truth is, it's not because it wasn't enough; it was because they still haven't realized. Haven't noticed what they've been wrong about and yet to look back and think about what they have done.
And now, we sit here thinking of a way to pay back all those tears. Feel what I've felt and see what i saw. Said what I've said and listen to what i heard.
I thought it was my life when i could make all the decision. Right or wrong, wouldn't matter because i know i would learn from them.
Fear or not, wouldn't matter because i know i was supposed to fight back.
To stop or seize; see that would matter because if I've seized it, nobody would've ended up hurt. And now it hurts both of us, seeing each other as of face today in a life like this.
Though all we can do is move one. Cry it out. Scream it out. Or just talk it out. The past it the past and it will remain the past for your entire life, so don't hold back. don't let it drag you down, because it doesn't even matter anymore. Only that your here, back on your own feet..


Anonymous said...

your comments ring such truth for me as an outsider trying to understand why certain somebodies are unable to move forward - thankyou - i love reading your posts.

Dreamers Dream said...

thank you so much !:)