Monday, January 26, 2009

Magical Kingdom

Before I die, i got to witness- discover the magical kingdom. I believe so, there is. I believe that there is river of aurora waiting there for you to follow to the magical kingdom. Stallions guarding the Golden Door with golden knights. In a universe opaque with clouds and rainbows shedding snow. A kingdom over the seas and under the clouds. A world with peace and love.
The Aurora river guiding you to the path of the dreams.
Oh spare with me, take me up high, live in me.
Come out of hiding and come in from shinning, We've all been waiting for you.
Prove that you're not a fairy tale, Prove that your a streaming light.
The melody of the river swiftly flowing across universe. The drop of water i hear from a big stormy rain. Come visit before twilight. Come visit before dawn.
Prove to us your not a fairy tale, prove to us you just don't exist in dreams. Be the flame of our conflagration.

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