Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My life is about , inspiration, perspiration, and dedication.
Inspired to keep writing and moving forward.
Perspired from motivation , declaration
and dedicated to be the best for others.
I will keep going with my journey to reach my dreams, no matter how high that mountain is because i know that, that isn't the only mountain to climb.
I will keep seeking for my destiny because i know I might not make it for sure.
I will not keep dreaming because dreamers never catch their dreams. You have to wake up from them.
My life is about, love, hate, and care.
Loved, because i was cared.
Hated, because I dropped out of the land of dreaming.
Cared, because i was loved.
The rainy days may not be gone, but i will see through the rain.
The mountains still might be high but I will find my way.
I will keep on running on this road to seize the dreams.
I will show the world that no one has expected to see in the little ol' me.
I will let the little stars in the sky to be my guide to the gate.
I will be honest, i'll be making quick stops- but not long.
But I won't let the clouds be mugged on my way.

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Renee said...

Haily are you sure you are only 15.

You are incredibly wise beyond your years. I am so happy that you stopped by my blog because it lead me here and I think that this 52 year old woman is going to learn alot from this 15 year old girl.

I see you follow Tessa, she is brilliant and when she meets you if she hasn't already, she will be thrilled. xoxo