Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear World,

Dear World,
Another useless day has fallen by.
I sat still here watching the time pass by.
The ticking was all i heard, from every space, opened and
I shed some tears but i whipped them right away, because
I didn't want to prove that I'm weak in any way.
Sometimes i feel so dark, so trapped and wound, like no body's there watching me down.
What should i do? Find someone new? But that's not my choice, it's the angle's above.
If you get the chance, ask them for plans, because i really need a new one- plan B isn't working.
You know what would be nice? A ticket to New York, where i can meet all the writers all in one room.
I wanna fly above the dark sea, just for some advice,
that can help me through the day with just the right keys.
It's hard to believe that I'm not the only one,
I wonder what other's did wrong.
My life is irrevocably difficult, and i really hate that
why cant somebody just understand.
maybe because young but that doesn't matter,
I've witnessed twice as much as anyone before.
I hate this, don't we all? I need a solution, like a really big hero.
I need a shoulder to soak my tears, because i promised this world that i was fierce.
Oh, no then, i sould ruin your shirt.
I'm sorry world, i confess- I'm not who you think and you should know that.
You're probably hurt as much as i, but with a billion more scars than I have now.
So here's to a new day, let's be friends. I promise not to hurt you only if you don't hurt me.


Heather said...

very nice to meet you! Best of luck with your novel! :D

Renee said...

Wonderful, crying is a good thing, it is a weak thing not to be able to cry to have to pretend to be strong.

I have an old shirt on so you can wet my shoulders any time.

I love Heather and just bought a painting off of her. oxo

You completely got my picture. xoxo

Love Renee