Sunday, January 25, 2009


The beauty of life is that, it forms itself. The things we discover is what makes it.
Like learning a new word or noticing something you've never have before. The lack of caring of my surrounding and the lack of caring for my own life- Kinda hard to keep on one line. The sky was real blue today. Bluer than the deep blue sea. The clouds looked like pink Cotton candies by the time of five. Less people crowded on the streets-home, accompanied surrounded by happiness.
So i was riding home in the bus, watching the melted cotton candy clouds burning pink and purple and sitting there realizing how simply beautiful that is. Unbelievably beautiful. How i wish to stand on the other side of that. Oh, how i wish to sleep on top of that. Oh, how i wish to watch from above that. Oh, how i wish i can just vanish upon that.
As soon as i got off the bus, i saw a star- but it was different this time. This star has been seeking me for almost some weeks now. Same star in the same angle and spot. Along with that; the three brothers- the 3 stars following in the same angle and spot. Oh, i wonder why it looked twice as beautiful today. Shinning so bright- almost blue. Shinier than the diamond found in Lesotho. Northeast and Northwest of my inspection stuck in the dark sky so high. Beautiful as it sounds. It was. I wanted to take it's hand and shine right along.

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