Saturday, January 24, 2009

to a mother from a daughter.

Ten things I'm not sorry for.

10. For showing diversity.

9. For making bad grades.
8. For being who I've become.
7. for talking back to teachers and getting phone calls home.
i only did it because i had things to say.
And i was right. i had to prove her that before the conversation was through

6. for not being intelligent enough for this century.
5. for being shy at times.
4. for being afraid to speak out .
3. for yelling to state my facts.
2. for defending myself when i have an opinion.
1. for showing personal independence

Ten things I'm sorry for.

10. effortless and timeless.
9. for what you had to go through.
8. for not listening when i should .
7. for learning when I'm sleeping.
6. for not being thankful when i should.
5. for proving you wrong when you were right.
4. for not being the best daughter in the world.
3. for not being as loving as the other daughters.
2. for not helping you when you needed me the most.
1. for denying everything you've ever said to me.

Ten things i hate from what you did.

10. leave me
9. less memories .
8. then comes back acting like you know me.
7. for not ever listening.
6. for not ever having a right conversation.
5. telling me that i was useless.
4. never being on my side.
3. avoiding me when others are over.
2. lack of thinking of what i want.
1. for destroying my dreams
-1. realizing how much I've given up for you.

Ten things i love from you.

10. never gave up on me.
9. telling me you love me everyday even though i never say it back.
8. having full trust in me.
7. for trying your best as a mother.
6. never thinking about giving up.
5. The freedom you give me comparing to any other mothers in this country.
4. me always as your number one.
3. never told me to give up. nor said not to.
2. giving me chances.
1. being my most hated be-loving mother.

Ten things you never knew. [currently]

10. That i cried for you ever night.
9. afraid that things were ever going to go back on track.
8. blowing kisses before i went to sleep after my night prayer, sending kisses to every direction of the room because i didn't know where you were at.
7. if you were ok.
6. if i was sure that i loved you.
5. being proud of where I'm from.
4. being proud of what I've witnessed.
3. Praying every night, 365 days.
2. i didn't want to see you again.
1. and realized that i had to.

five things i wish from you

5. believe
4. hope.
3. more chances.
2. less fighting.
1. more communication.

Five things i never wanted.

5. this life.
4. this place.
3. us here.
2. coming back to Korea.
1. falling apart.

Five things we need.

5. communication.
4. trust in each other.
3. less lies.
2. stronger relationship
1. staying together.

I realized,
-never knew having a mother was such a great gift.

Last words,
your a true hero.


peter said...

...from a stranger on the internet: i liked this.

Dreamers Dream said...

thank you(:

sxkim said...

this stabbd my heart :(
sorry to say this but
this made me happy thankful for my mom
not that i wasn't
it made me MORE thankful

Pen Pen said...

Sounds like you've got some personal experience that could one day be harnessed to make a GREAT story!