Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I thought this was really pretty. I photo shopped it only because i wanted to do this
It's January, but the weather was like the early fall. The water was beautiful though i couldn't get a perfect picture of that.
I slept around 5 a.m yesterday. Sucks, and i know it's really bad. But i just cant sleep unless i get as much as writing done and feel satisfied. And it drives me crazy because the second i close my lap top and lay on my bed, all i can think about is the book. The story. The characters. I watch them in my head like a film; and that is one of the ways i make my stories. Into a movie-in my head, then into words. So much easier.
Ha ha they just won't leave me alone! I wake up in the morning-afternoon and as i get ready for my day to start; brushing my teeth and washing my face, everything in my head runs into a story. I just think way to much and sure, it can be a good thing- but not when it's like seriously planted into you head and haunts you when you do anything and everything. But i guess that's the life of an author. Everything runs into a story. Narrorator must be really annoyed though. Ha ha.

I also took this. Though its not a PERFECT shot. I kinda moved the camera when i click caputre andyeah. Haha but i still think it looks pretty good. Someday, i want to do this with the Effel Tower, own it :) Not exactly, just saying . haha. My mom was behind me, keep blabbering into my ear of some totally nonsense. Shes hilarious. but really coool.... at times. Anyways. My hands look really red -this is photoshopped to, just a bit of the colors. And it looks like i have only three fingers. xD

When omg, When i woke up this afternoon. I logged on into myspace and you know what i saw? This video. Its one of the most inspiring thing I've ever watched in my life;..
I think its beautiful that celebrities are standing up and letting their voice be heard about something so very, very important like this. And what really bothers me is, the citizens- celebrities, PRESIDENTS; Of course, something like THIS is never thought of in there minds but, I really really truly think that this is beautiful. A real celebrity is someone who uses their talent to bring more interest to others through whatever they believe in doing- and this is one. Being heard, raising your voice for the whole nation- that's a true celebrity. True role model, trying to do whats the best. Of course in Korea its all about "If I'm OK" then its all "cool", sure "who cares" about the rest. "I'M" the one that has "everything" and i can just "live my life" the way i choose; but no. I believe that, the ONLY reason South, Korea is like this is because of the people living the way THEY want to. Not caring about the rest, and only defending our country when they call it a piece of "Crap." That's the only time when they stand up. Our country praises America on our knees. America is our "ROLE MODEL" we all want to be like them- but if we are going to continue being selfish and so disrespectful and very irresponsible; then all we are gonna do is fall back further down. You know, it makes me want to get my opinion shown to my country. I know the governments say things about these but, do you really think we are going to listen to what they have to say? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT, you know why? Because they are BORING. Bring someone that is popular, well known to the center and let them talk. Or a citizen who can state exactly whats going on. Ah, its so upsetting to see things like this when we can fix it. This is getting too long. ha ha but yeah. Our president is only president because he is rich and people believed that he could have done alot of things for our coutry, but i guess not. This is dissapointing; Mr. president. :[
Heres the video

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

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Pen Pen said...

All the writers I know write at night! I usually don't start to write till like 10 and go to bed at like 4 am :)