Thursday, January 22, 2009

6:15 a.m poem

My world is independent and quiet.
Nobody asks for help and nobody asks for a hand.
My world is the quietest yet.
you can hear the clock from your neighboor's room all the way down the street.
My world is full of fears not concerns.
limitations and concentration.
If you don't aim for the right things- you will never, ever hit the target.
In my world, people underestimate our intelligence.
They take a glance at you and judge, right then and there.
In my world, your just not allowed to dream big
because people like you never succeeded.
In my world, we care for ourselves than any other breathing object in the world.
In my world, is full of ahbor and conflagration.
But one day I woked up and realized that, my world was just a bad nightmare
and that, our world, was full of conspiracy and promise,
cooperation and hands
you and me,
he and she,
yours and ours,
hope not fear.

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The Unknowngnome said...

Hello Hailey and thank you for stopping by my little blog. Since it was your first time coming by I wanted to do the same and meet the woman (almost 18 after all) that left such a nice little comment.

I always like to start at the beginning so that is why I am commenting here on your 6:15 AM Poem. In this poem you hold the key to life: "hope not fear."

In your Unfair post you also state your belief of "hope and success" and "being faithful". Your writings testify to your beliefs. Let others underestimate you for it is to your advantage. Let them disrespect you should they choose, but you continue strong in your faith and you will succeed.

I must scurry along now but I will be back to continue reading from this post up to your most current by the time I read to there. I am a slow reader and from what I have read so far you are a deep thinking person who deserves much thought. I will do my best.

With great gratitude for your having come by, your newest follower,
--TUG (theunknowngnome) :)