Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm sitting here, reading other people's interesting blogs and alot has posted up for Mr. President, Barack Obama. So, very respected.
Its about to be 6:30 a.m over here and i've been awake since 2 pm. Is this normal?
I can't sleep because, i'm feeling so left out. I regret the past; but they wern't mistakes- they were just issues that couldn't be controlled. I miss everything and everyone. I miss waking up cranky in the morning getting ready for school then hitting the bus, waking myself up chatting with friends. Instead, i wake up now- feeling depressed and wanting to not ever wake up again. I still sometimes think about if this is still all a nightmare? Am i still really sleeping in the back of my mom's car, driving to Texas. All this was a far too long, dream. Only, i wish.
In the second hand, i dont want to sleep. Everyone says that everything is going to be alright. That everything will be fine with time comes, just "
keep your head up high." God, only if that was possible to get my head any higher than this.
My friends all say they
miss me but i'm not sure if i can really believe that. I mean, of course, i do thats why i tell them first but, what would you say if your old friend said that they missed you, when you've never been thinking about them? You know? Ha ha. It stinks.

Well, congrats to Mr. Barack Obama.
Btw he's taking the spot light in our 9 o' clock knews. I seriously don't remember the last time our president was on t.v. He doesn't do things like that- and he still has the courage to shake hands with such powerful and amazing person. I'd be more honnered and guilty to take his hand.

ok, lets stop the politics.
Uh. Its 6:38 a.m now. eight minutes has gone by....
Now what? Minute by minute- all nothing but a waste.
Only if i had the power to stop time...
Won't life all be easier that way?


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Pen Pen said...

...When I was 13, we moved from Kingwood, TX(east Houston) to Katy(West Houston) and I was majorly depressed for like a year. I didn't talk to anyone at school--I had so many friends in Kingwood, but in Katy-I was so...alone and sad. The only thing that helped was making new friends here. I met my Best friend here---I just said hello to a girl one day and we're still friends today. I'd help her bury the body if she murdered somebody:)
Any situation ur in can be made okay by the people around u(my dad says even war can!)
Check out some local bookstores and see if they have poetry nights or readings--find someone who is like u, lets u complain, and is content just sitting with u!
That's the only way I survived moving!