Monday, August 29, 2011

photos from saturday's sunset


picture's of saturday's sunset..
& the one with the kids was on on Sunday. I went to Namsan Tower in (Seoul).

havent updated in a while.
xo <3


tasha faye said...

oh this is such an amazing post with the most beautiful photographs! <3 the sunset is mesmerizing. (: xxx

Christina Rose said...

Beautiful! nice blog background by the way! haha we match! ♥

Anonymous said...

The photos and prose go so well together. The photography is really amazing. I love the new layout of your blog by the way x

The Unknowngnome said...

Sitting here in the early morning darkness of my room eating Cheerios and being west of you, your photos are a smiling sunrise. I particularily like the 2nd, 7th and the black and whites of the children. They show originality in the captures.

Peace. :)