Monday, July 11, 2011

A poem to Hailey.

Forgive me Hailey,- For I am daunt of my own future,
I contrite the fantom of my past,
and every decisons I had to count down to myself.
I just wanted to make you proud
and you abound that greater than anyone around.
The wounds didn't scar,
nor did stars always spark
now it's just me and this stark
that is dying somewhere inside.
There are too many to blame- but that's a little lame,
It isn't about who to claim,
because that leaves nothing but, ashame.
Maybe it's time for me to grow strong
and to stop defame,
before it gets a little over lane.
It's us against the world- and every breathing being in it,
together- we should learn to revive
just like the stars every night.
Be deceitful and remind-ful
of who you are,
and who you aren't trying to impress.
Because I confess,
around you,
nobody deserves a pin of your bless.

1 comment:

Chocolate Lover said...

Awww Hailey :/ *hugs*