Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not me.

I hate these flashbacks
Because no magic will ever take me back,
No matter how hard I try to jump back onto the racks,
Nothing ever seems to stack back in shack.
Where I used to stand,
No lies where ever command,
Nothing was banned,
I was off strand,-
Never was I standing between the lines,

Until the night, the tides came and siezed me,
I drowned somewhere underneath,
And lost my soul forever then.
I'd paint my picture, I'd see the ray
Of the brightest star in the day,
and try way hard to force myself to think,-
"no way, this is too sole- to give it away. "

1 comment:

Lu Ann said...

How can you write so well that you somehow make me feel your words?

I love the things you write, sorry I´ve been away for some time... life´s changing for me so I dont really have time for myself!

This is for you