Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another wish?

Language Arts was my favorite subject back in middle school.
(When I used to live in The States/Colorado.)
My teacher always told us to,
'Think creativily.' & That's what I did.
 Things on my mind.
- I need my friends.
- I want a boyfriend
- I miss the life I was supposed to have.
- I need to shut up / man up / and accept the life I've been choosen to.
- I feel so young. Sometimes, like I'm still 8.
- I'm turning 18 this year.
- I can't believe it. &It's driving me crazy.
-I'm not even ready...


Ruth said...

You have an amazing blog, I'm following you :)
Think you're a great poet and I absolutely love the pictures that go with it.

Tegan said...

a deep post.. :)
thank you for your lovely comment! and i think 21 is a very fun age, haha it was some song lyrics that were playing when we were trying on all those clothes, and it sort of stuck in my head.. I must say I am quite liking your blog too! :) xo

Francesca said...

sometimes it feels like time is just thrown at us, no matter how much we don't want it. I hope you're doing alright.