Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I try to stay positive
But I can't help my captive,
I'm not fictive,
But I keep my soul active,
I think once, and act twice,
I don't 3 roll dice,
I just precise,
I'm not naive so I realize, what life really is,
Love, forgive, cry, deal, and heal-
I guess what's what real in life,
I try to keep sealed,
Most time- it reaveals,
And tonight, I remain with no secrets,
No lockets to fly to rockets,
Just hanging on rackets...


Chocolate Lover said...

this one is nice :)

haha.. awww hailey *hugs* :3 hehe.. dont worry everything will be fine :)
umm about that poem.. ohh well.. just tired of stuffs happening around...and when i wrote that poem i was really depressed =] i even cut my wrist.. but thats a long story.. would telll you some other day :)

keep smiling, love ya.

Fiducia said...

A nice poem...straight from the thought..
Why is there a solitude in your verses always?? Cheer up and live life..coz' you longer naive!!;)
Keep blogging..:)