Friday, January 7, 2011

++second chance

Tonight I fall down on my knees
Askin God, oh please,
I look over at the rainbow,
Askig for a miracle,
In a blink that picture is gone
And now stuck wit a gun
Looking straight up,
Aiming at my heart,
Then I'd exhale and myself re-start,
Sinner I am, but I've learned to forgive myself,
And when I did,
I just completely lost myself,
Might of lost another battle,
That came with a soldier without a rattle,
She might feel a little neglected,
But I feel repectd,
For the second chance,
I'd sacrifice,
Anything for another moment

1 comment:

Shadow said...

undying hope. and we all deserve a second chance. who's to judge us to say we can't?!?!