Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am so sorry I haven't been replying and reading your blogs, I really dont have that 'free computer' time right now. Its cold here, but I can deal with that. But I'm not really hating 'this city' life haha. Hate would be something like going back home..
I was at a cafe yesterday and I just wrote somthing ..

How invisible do I feel
walking into the door- scent with coffee and warm music,
why does it feel so wrong sitting alone with weak laughters sitting on my
Just doesn't feel so right,
Am I trying so hard to fit in
to things thats just isn't worth it?
Young I am, I remind myself every morining
as i walk up to my reflection and smile to myself pretty,

but I blink and all feel is pitty.
I see the sun rays peeking through the blindes
trying so hard to luminate so bright,
I turn around and it was I
who was hidding behiind my own back
I am no crystal rock
but I peeking through the back made me realized what I was actually hiding
all I really had to do was unfild the blindes but I guess that takes a lot of
courage, too.
So I wouldn't be blind
I am not clear but I do see real
many told me tol seal
and all I feel is ill
but my back tells me to bail, the rails
off that molded cage before I age
and just fly with fully ranged.

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Short Poems said...

Beautiful write, love it!
Best wishes for 2011!
Marinela x