Wednesday, December 8, 2010

++someday I will

Someday, I'mma wake up alone before sunrise; hear the sound of
the twilight breeze hitting the chimes, balcony windows opened wide-
skies burning in every shades of violet- wooden floors shaded heavily; laying
in the middle of all that, pulling another pillow to rest under my hair, for a
second, letting lose of everything out of my mind; for a long minute I'd watch the clouds move, like floating on cloud nine. I'd inhale courage, and exhale success, then I'd wrap myself tightly in the thin white cotten sheets and whisper to myself, "Look Hailey, you've made it."


Hope said...

very heartfelt Hailey. you have an incredible way with words that stir deep feelings in a person.

Yes, Hailey, capture those beautiful, 'time stopped' moments and carry them with you for the rest of the day. and if you can't do that then look for them, they are always there waiting to be discovered. Be the pirate on the treasure hunt but don't forget to share them when you find them. :)

in your own words, you have thanked God, (or a higher being) for giving you another day to live, to inspire, to praise.

good for you dear
keep it up!

♥ Chocoholic ♥ said...

just loved it =]
i'm feeling the same these yes I can relate to it again =]

Carrie Burtt said...

You have so much depth and wisdom for someone so young....keep on believing in yourself, and holding on to hope Hailey! (And keep on writing!!!)

Lu Ann said...

Awwww :) I how you do! And I hope I could say that myself!! Sounds amazingly beautiful!

Anonymous said...


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Dasuntoucha said...

Yes, yes you will (^_^)