Monday, December 6, 2010


I am putting myself into a challenge. I can no longer just dream myself, 'what-would-happen' anymore. Life is going to turn 360 degrees for me soon, and I know I will miss this boring life, but to go through it; I need to believe in myself, because right now, nobody believes in me. I'm not even sure if God does either.. But I do.



Hope said...

Hi Hailey, thank you for stopping by my blog today and commenting.

Believe in yourself. the human spirit is a marvelous gift. we all have it and it is within our power to become great. Don't depend on other human spirits to be your strength unless they are someone that you admire. Put your faith in your faith within yourself to become confident. Belief is the start to something greater! Keep going. You are precious and a beautiful spirit!

blessing to you

Carrie Burtt said...

Hailey...never lose hope, God always believes in YOU and so do so many others....your wonderful talent and beauty reaches out in the blogosphere from one country to another, and one heart to another. Keep on believing and keep on writing! God bless you!

Lu Ann said...

I dont know you and I believe in you... God does, maybe you need to believe in Him a little more.

Anonymous said...

ومن الواضح ان هناك الكثير لمعرفة ذلك. أعتقد أنك قدمت بعض النقاط الجيدة في ميزات أيضا. الاستمرار في العمل ، عملا عظيما!

Dasuntoucha said...

Believing in yourself is where it starts...if you have the courage to live anything is possible...and judging from the way you write I believe you'll become the person you wish to be...BELIEVE it and you will ACHIEVE...ONE::