Monday, October 4, 2010


I've never thought about the people I've hurt,
Just always the one that hurt me,
Never thought about the people I've left,
Just always the ones that left me,
Ever about the people I've betrayed,
Always the ones that betrayed me,
Always thought about the ones they did wrong,
And never confronted mine,
Why is it that I relized now,
On the front step of my house,
Is it the dark earthy sky that is giving me time to concieve,
about the dozens I have done wrong,
And never about me..
As I am sixteen,
But It feels like I've already lived more than half of my life years,
Maybe it's just the difficulties,
Thats only made me feel this way,
Further more,
I know I'll meet light,
I visualize my soon-to-be present,
But I have to admit,
That the way there is pretty opaque,
I not only believe, but I see the soon-to-be future,
lieing so close to my toes,
Closer than feet,
tipping over the edge of the water


geebambino said...

I love this, you've got yourself a new fan (:

geebambino said...

I can find flaws about myself but can embrace the 'many' people of of themselves - like a hypocrite >< so im pretty sure i'd love your handwriting (:

♫♪♥Lonely Dreamer♥♪♫ said...

I love the picture. I love what you've written. It's beautiful. Your blog is just so easy to relate to. I love it!
Thank you for dropping by mine :)

Divaa Divine said...

i love what i see and what i read - it surely is a pleasure to read an eye opener :)

and yes we are hypocrites when it comes to thinking about what we did!

Carrie Burtt said...

This is truly beautiful Hailey thought provoking and profound. I love thie picture as well. You have a wonderful talent!

Mohamed Mughal said...

A thoughtful poem, one that sees the log in our own eye before we see the splinter in the other's eye.

Tom Baker said...

Hailey, I am a first time visitor with a favor to ask. I feature poems on my site once a month and I would like to showcase Realize... The segment on my site is called Poetic License. November’s posted on the 16th if you would like to visit and see for yourself.

If you allow me, your poem will get full credit to you and a link back to this site. I would like to use this poem for March because every other month is full and February is themed. I must admit that most of those featured are WordPress poets and I would like to spread the wealth, so to speak. I do understand if you say no though.

In addition, every quarter I will post the previous four months worth of poems in one large post. You can email me or I will visit back here to see your reply to get the answer. Thanks again and whatever your decision, this is a great poem.

Jaan Pehchaan said...

Not many of us realize it in our lifetime! Enlightened, you are!Here is mine for this week: