Tuesday, October 5, 2010

hm.. no poem.

I guess when everything breaks into tiny pieces,

Like magnets- they haul back,

You just don't know it..

You know what I wish the most? Just my entire family gathered; having ONE dinner together at home, giggling and laughing sitting infront of the television. Having my first;last; supper with them. I want to hear their stories about their lifes and their days. I want to meet my cousins: the ones I've sketched by only a few seconds at my father's funeral.. I want to sit next to my brother-and just for that moment, I want that moment to be dedicated for him, and I. I want, one first;and last attention-I want to hear every stories about my father and my brother- and about me when I was just only a few months old.. Just thinking about it, I'm already feeling like I'm flying beneath the clouds..

I don't know. This post is pretty random, but honestly, this is all I wish for right now. :)

I got a call from my brother earlier today after school. He said that it's going to hard to come over here at my place, but he'd be glad to have me over there at Seoul. Another exciting 4 hour drive- but I don't mind. Maybe because it's Him.

Ok, it's a secret, but I'll only share it on here. My brother is contracting with an music record my next year... Long story short.

He has a small stage at a hotel (VIP) next month, and guess with who...BEYONCE! I'm not making it up. I swear. He'll sing a few songs of his own, and some of Craig David, and a duet with Beyonce, so he says. It's really exciting in a way.. He's even wrote songs for frankie J. Haha again, long story short.

So when I go down to Seoul after school on Friday, I'll be in his studio all night- writing and working on songs with him. It'll be amazing. I'll have pictures up then!



♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

WOW! o.o

lobved the post and good luck! ^_^

黃愛玲 said...

You write very well.


Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

thx for your comment and 'following' at FHC on sunday's 'Father's Love Letter' - so glad to meet you!
one thing i've learned, that Father wants us dependent on Him - He is the only one who is ALWAYS faithful b/c His heart is perfect toward us. as it says in Isaiah, the arm of man will always fail us. knowing that i have learned to keep my eyes on Him as my source and resource for all my strength and stability. there are a couple verses on yesterday's birthday post i think will bless you. have a look when you have a minute. blessings my girl! God is an amazing Father! and if you want a print out of the words from the video, check out fathersloveletter.com