Thursday, October 21, 2010

Full moon tonight..

I'm constantly having theses misconceptions of my life. I feel so induvisual and so independent like I already have the access to life- where everything is possible if I'd just go. And then I take a deep breath that reminds me that I'm only almost 17... Honestly, I don't mind being almost 17. I think it would irratate me more if I was 20 and living the way like I am now. I guess I'm afraid that if it isn't now, then it will never be.. Maybe it's because I've already lost so many chances in the past, and that I'm just scared that all those chance and oppurtunities are gone..Like I'm going to ever get them back..


lissa said...

I think it's quite normal to feel this way. the future is unkown so it's okay to dream of all the possibilites that you will have and mostly have

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

Hailey.. I am feeling the same!
*hugs tight* and yeah im almost 17 too :o
when is your b'day btw? :)

Biana said...

Great blog! Thanks for your lovely comment, your blog is wonderful. Nice to read what's on à 16 year old's mind.

Lu Ann said...

Don´t you worry!! You´re (we´re) still so young. 17 is practicly the very start of our lives, at least it is the chance to make a whole new start!

Just be aware and try to catch every single opportunity you get, analize it and then take it or leave it.
The important part is not to let go, even when being wrong.

I´d like you to listen to this song if possible, let me know what you think bout it:

Bleeding Healer said...

I believe feeling like that is quite normal..we all face that once and more than once sometimes..
I am somehow in the same boat as you..
16..going to be 17 soon..
perception of life changes with events...
beautiful blog..would love to read more..=]
Take care..
Bleeding Healer