Sunday, July 26, 2009


As I heavily move to my bed, thoughtless
I allow the rain to company me through the opened window,
With rthythmic beats, my pulse begins to beat
My body crunches together like an unborn baby,
Trying to swallow the pain I feel hard across my chest
I grab the colar of my shirt, pulling myself closer to myself
as I start to pestle my chest- lighter than a drum
I lay there, alive
It didn't really feel like I was alive.
Every time I tried to swallow the pain and craw back into my shadow,
I fall.
I don't know where,
but I just keep falling...

right into the light.


Fiducia said...


The picture is so real in sync with the verses..

Amazingly thought of subject, the feeling is intense and introspected...

I like the struggle in thought and determination to break free!

Beautiful.. and keep writing..:)

laurialigns said...

Nice poem! I especially like the first two lines and the last line. I feel that the last line of a poem is very important and should carry a lot of meaning, and yours works.

Americanising Desi said...

hugsssssssssssssssssss... put the pieces back honey ... u r just too little to go on living hopeless!!
hop on to the brighter side!


SARAH said...

you are such a great writer :) beautifully written, you know how to make the reader should drop by my blog sometime and tag, i miss you! *hint hint*

WarmSunshine said...

hi there!
been long time i have been around to blogs....

now someone's getting better and better with each post :)

you will see the light very soon! i believe so :)

take care!