Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is Skyer

The broken clouds were separated by the dim orange moon that seemed so unusual tonight: Shading orange, beaming but not quite- on its last hope. It looked like a burnt-out-light bulb shining its last minutes of its power before it flicked out. The moon looked so fragile that, one sharp scream were to shatter the moon into millions of pieces

It about 10 till 3 and we were both climbing out onto the roof as Claire flared out a small blanket under her feet and called me over after I closed my window. I was kind of glad that my mom wasn’t home because first: most likely, she would have already heard us on the roof with her little raccoon ears and thundering to the room, threatening to kill us if we wouldn’t get back inside this second, and second: we wouldn’t even have been able to stay up this late. We would be ‘increasing’ her electric bills, ‘bitchin’ if we were the ones to pay.

It was so quiet. On my roof, I felt like the ‘protector’, standing on the top of this neighborhood. I enjoyed it, watching over the dark streets and the dark signs, guarding like it was my own territory.
Claire’s yawn extended long until I let out a deep sigh, hearing it echo off the corners and the walls.

“Geez.” Claire commented over my loud sigh.
I held in my laugh from my own sigh, bumping my elbow to her arm.

“Look! A shooting star!” Claire jumped, pointing her finger so high into the clueless sky that it was too dark trace after her finger.

“Where? Where?” I hesitated, turning my head into every direction of the night sky.
“Oh, never mind. It was an airplane.” She laughed at herself.

I was a little disappointed, but watching the airplane obscurely flying west had made up the disappointment. My heart has traced after the tail—I’ve lost it as I’ve lost the flight.

“The stars look really pretty tonight.” I commented, folding my arms under my head.
“Yeah it is. You can actually play connect-the-dots with them too.”
The sky was closer to purple-lavender than black or blue. And she was right; there were enough stars in the sky to connect more than ten pictures in the sky.

From gazing the clouds I wondered it would have been like if this world flipped. Where we would be standing on the blue and looking up at the green, and how the clouds would be our concrete. Instead of walking we would be floating. But I’m sure, in my world, I would be flying with the whales, or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the butterflies...


Audrey said...

Hailey, you are really expressing yourself beautifully! I loved the last paragraph in particular - the idea of the world turning like that was quite fun! And not what i was expecting. Good job.

jeannette stgermain said...

Love the pic of the orange moon! As always you are very poetic:)