Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My soul is like ashes of burnt conspiracy
I am rough and disheveled
but before that
I was a glistening little rock
that everyone just wanted a piece of
See, i was a little rare
because they only found me where,
the stars all sleep and where all the moons shine
but now I am a cold stone
just ready to be shadowed away
After my days of hiding in shadow
afraid of taking a step out into the light
I'm only left with this
this cold benumbed soul.
Laying on the cold ground
has made me realized that
this is what it's like to hit rock bottom
and to know that there's nothing
just as cold, hard, and solid and the ground I lay on.
I gazed up upon the stars
with my tears rolling down the side
thinking of nothing, and everything.
This is what it's like
when you know that the world has turned it's back
when you know that the sun has stopped shinning
when you see no hand
when you see no light
when you feel no hope
when you fear everything
and when you hear no voice
this is the end -
and that it has reached closer than you can imagine-
I'm laying here,
feeling my soul burning in a big conflagration
feeling my heart being shattered in millions of pieces
hearing my very own scream
reaching out for me and for them to hear
and all they do is watch and stare.

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