Tuesday, March 3, 2009

crazy in love

love. Love. Love. What has it done to me?
His face, his smile, his gazes
I caught them all
i want him i want him i want him.
Once again, our eyes met and
it felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest.
His eyes were like my only magnet.
I'm willing to help him change because he's been making quite amount of negative mistakes-
I'm willing to make him feel like he's loved for him, and not for his money or popularity.
Popular or not, i could care less.
I'm willing to give up some things for this boy
I'm willing to sacrifice some things for this boy
I'm willing to take risks to get his boy
I'm willing to trust his heart before he trusts mine..
I'm willing to laugh with him
I'm willing to be a friend for this boy
I'm willing to show this boy a lot of things
I'm willing to prove this boy a lot of things

Am i doing the right thing?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....does your heart tell you it is the right thing?
I say Lucky you...in love!

Renee said...

Lovely sweetheart.


Renee said...

I am going to jump in and say No you are not.

Don't give so much of yourself up. He may not be ready to appreciate it and you may feel less in your own eyes.

Please Hailey do not fall into the universal mistake of women worldwide which is to fall in love with a person for their potential instead of their reality.

You first Hailey, him second.

Love Renee