Thursday, March 12, 2009

the road

Yes, you do see what i see.
An emptied road under hope.
From walking for miles and miles
climbing over the hills,
swimming across oceans,
jumping to the top of the mountains,
and after all that time
I still found no end.

I took a seat on the sweltering concrete ground
under the cloudless sky,
as the sun aims straight for my face.
My eyes squint, burning for hope-
I keep trying to fight the light
but I had no right.

The level I saw
in the road that last,
I saw nothing but a straight line.
I shook the dirt off my pants
quickly standing on my feet.
My hands are locked and my eyes are shut
I think nothing but the end,
hope nothing but the end,
and picture nothing but the end.

I prayed in the daylight,
in the middle of nowhere,
just me and this road,
just the two of us,
solid and hard.

I turn my head to the East and i see nobody by my side.
I turn my head to the West, still nobody in sight.
So I turn my head to the north, breathe in that they call pride.

Right when I'm about to take my next step to end,
i collapse like two buildings,
solidly falling into one.
My knee catches my body,
as my hands slam hard to stop my body.

The sun is now in the South,
standing behind me and I don't know why.
I look at my feet and my eyes blinds from light.
The road transformed into the most beautiful diamonds
that was never to be craved out from the ground.
The wind raised me back up,
on my feet, steady.
And the only thing that was going through my head now was that,
I wouldn't ever want to stop walking, on this road.


Anonymous said...

Remember that road that you never want to stop travelling. That is your road to your dreams. And you know what, just like you said in the poem, it may not be an easy path, but never give up!

(caro)linetheclimber said...

Hi Hailey(:
I love your writing. It's so beautiful, it makes me feel soo tiny.
Really pretty picture(:


Pen Pen said...

U always have the best pics!!! AND -I lOVE ur poem!!!!

Pen Pen said...

U always have the best pics!!! AND -I lOVE ur poem!!!!

Renee said...

Hailey just giving you a shout out that this is one incredible post.

Everything about it but especially your writing.

Are you sure your 15?

Love Renee