Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For a moment, i thought i was lost

stirred in hail, i thought i was frost

I felt nothing but ice nailing my skin

but up comes the light, melting my skin.

The stars proposed to the dark black sky,

filling it with lights from all over the side.

i lift my chin and drop my hands

The gesture swiftly dry my eyes shut.

The blow i feel from the wind behind

it's whistling to me an on-tune rhyme

I can feel the tunes

wrapping around my body

as the notes follows the roads of my ears.

Everything seems so real

standing under the riverside auroras-

as strong my imagination can be,

I can simply make it anyway I like.

My world, my stars, skies


Björnik said...

Hey Hailey, nice of you to drop by. You have an interesting blog here, reminds me when I was your age. Keep writing!:)

Audrey said...

Beautiful Hailey..have you ever tried song writing? I would be curious to see what you produced!

Renee said...

Hailey you are so in the groove with your writing.