Wednesday, March 18, 2009

paper plane

I threw it out the window
under the cloudless blue sky
chasing my eyes
targeting your tail,
I liked the way you trailed,
quietly, flying alone.
I can see the breeze from it
keeping it up,
as i feel the same breeze
cooling it off.
I'm leaning far against my balcony,
steady and sound
like I would be on the plane.
I take a blink
and what do I see,
my little paper plane
caught up in a tree.
I wait and wait
trying to blow through the distance
I cannot reach,
but whats the catch,
there is no hope.

The next morning i wake up
and see the paper plane gone,
i twirl my head around,
my eyes seized in fright,
I gasp and groan
hoping it didn't go too far.

swishhh-- I hear
just as about I head back in,
and there it was,
snoozing back on my balcony
safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

"snoozing on my balcony" - what a great image!

I am so happy to see you posting - I was worried when you took a little break!

Dreamers Dream said...

thank you Audrey :D
now im back!

Snowbrush said...

I loved the ending.