Monday, February 9, 2009


I went down to the beach today. The moon was supposed to be ten times bigger and brighter :) My camera sucks, but - it was one of themost breathtakingly, beautiful, gleaming thing I've ever witnessed in my life..
Today, I stood before the moon; Face to Face. I sat on the cold sand, and talked until we ran out of words.
But, she was busy- Too many people were talking to her at once. Although, that didn't matter, because when I spoke, she was all mine.
She whispered calmly along the dead waves and onto the sand. She was happyly glowing. She said it was nice to see me
Before I left, she begged me to leave with a wish.
"Wish upon me."
She whispered. "One, real, last, wish." Her voice was slow and questioning.
And, so I did.


Maria Sondule said...

Yay, pretty picture! Whenever I try to take a pic of the moon it comes out looking like a fuzzy peach.
ooo.... dead waves... such imagery!

Renee said...

Hailey can you make the print bigger on this for my old eyes. xoxoxo

Beautiful. Love Renee

Renee said...

Hailey I am so glad you fixed that because it was so beautifully written I would not have wanted to miss it.

By the way, you look amazing, I love your bangs.


sxkim said...

dats cool