Monday, February 9, 2009

Chapter 8

I turned my head quick, without a thought...And his lips were matched onto mine like thousands of pieces of puzzles in all one perfect match. His eyes were close and his lips were careful, guiding me to the way he wanted. Without a movement, I watched his face, right before my eyes.
It felt like my eyes were on fire. The rays hit the side of his face like a great conflagration- lustrous, and a hard shinny gemstone. I wanted to close my eyes but, I was afraid of the things that I was not going to see. This rendering existence was just irrevocably enchanting...
-Lydia Evans. Sunset Bridge- Chapter 8


Maria Sondule said...

Hey, thanks for following my blog!
I love this picture. Ddi you take it?
I also like the excerpt. Now I have to read the book! =D

sxkim said...

holy hell its like twilight
is that ur book?? O_O or a part of it.. is that ur main character? =)
dats friggin awesome
and shockingly precise and detailed, ill add.