Thursday, April 19, 2012


Be my skyscraper and let the skies above be my limit.
At times I feel like a vapid mirror- 
reflecting for perfection-
but does that equal, confection?
Will it lead me affection or just fermentation?
Tell me...Why do I continue to fight this war 
when no one is ever winning?


The Unknowngnome said...

Woohoo! You stand as tall as a skyscraper!
Congrats on passing!
I knew you would being as savvy as you are. :)

haze said...

my skyscraper, and be someone else's. I love this.

Dear, your writing is lovely.xx

S. said...

Lovely written. Skyscrapers are amazing in some way, love how you put words to it.

/S / http://

Anonymous said...

giving off a reflection of the people we meet of the places we
enounter, never really being known,ah is that 'the big city'?