Friday, August 5, 2011


"To the world you may be one person,
but to one person you may be the world." 
  (I took this picture about 2 in a half weeks ago. A drive to the ocean with my mother)

"Do you keep all your promises?" She asked- like a rocket of question flew across her out of the air.
"What?" Jessica was lost. "What are you-"
"It isn't a hard question. Do you keep all your promises?" Hailey repeated. Her expression was unreadable.
She reached for the pack of cigerettes across the table where Jessica was seated and reached for the lighter in her left pocket.
Jessica exaggerated. "Um, I think so-"
"Aha!" Hailey jumped on her chair and pointed her ciggerete towards Jessica. "Wait. Really?" Hailey paused.
She got up and leaped on top of the wooden rails.
"I swear your gonna fall, and I'm going to laugh my ass off so hard." Jessica quirked.
"So- I'm the bitch, right?"
"What?" Jessica hesitaited- Because straight down the rail was the ocean, and if you pulled down your legs far down enough, you could've reached the water. Although it wasn't that deep. Their grandfather built this beach house when Jessica was two and Hailey was five years old. Her grandfather was a fisher. He would go out into the ocean all alone before dawn to fish. Many knew him as the 'man of the twilight ocean.'
"Chill." Hailey laughed.
She jumped down as she flicked the cigerette bud to the water.
"The fishes are going to get cancer." Jessica joked.

"As I was saying." Hailey took a seat right on the floor, leaning against the rails.
"Do you think I'm a bad person?"
Hailey knew- even if she was, Jessica was too nice to admit things like that straight to anyone's face. Opposite from Hailey.
"Of course not." Jessica hesitaited again.
"You know- I hate people that makes promises."
"Why?" Jessica finally got  up and took a cigerette into her lips.
"Because all the broken ones got me here- today. Because I relied so much on every single one of them." Her voice shaked a little.
Hailey and Jessica are like best 'related' friends. Although their mothers hated each other to death, these girls were the exact opposite. Both born as an only child, they had no other then each other.
"You being here today-Isn't that a good thing?"
"No." She discriminated. " Because I had to live through all those lies, that leaded me to this big world of hate. And look what I've learned through them." She looked up into the black sky.

"To lie." She sighed. be continued.

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The Unknowngnome said...

Please don't keep us waiting too long for the continuation. :)

Your usage of "best 'related' friends" and "they had no other than each other" is very creative.

Hailey's sigh is heart wrenching.