Friday, February 11, 2011

I had the most beautiful dream..

Darker than the sky blue, clearer than blue

muted waves- but they danced gracefully with
the reflected rays of the sun. Vanities drowned and collapsed somewhere in the
bottom; It was only my ears that would've only hear the silent roar.

It felt like swimming in cloud nine, no longer
reaching for anywhere to hide.

Underneath was like another whole world,
breathing in water. For a short second I saw the reality of 'The Little

I softly reached my arms out onto his
shoulder and dove into the water like the king of the ocean-; deep, slow and
bland. Lustrous. Fierce; because I knew I owned this

The reflection of the momentous was a gift..
I was fearless; because
nobody could've taken this away from me. No storms, no tears, no fears..

I was not afraid. Not just his body shepherd
me- But my cogintation sentineled the world.

My hair flown back like demised
shooting stars, but slow and smooth. It followed the rhythmic beats of the
underwater waves..

Eight of us underneath the halcyon
water, just swimming straight, and far.. We were


-I WAS FURIOUS because it felt so real..!haha.
Everytime I closed my eyes or even blinked,- that moment remained forever until the end of the day. Until now.
In my dream, there were 8 of us. I only reconized two of them when I woke up, One, was my brother- and the one I held onto was either my uncle father. I'm not sure.
I felt like a warrior- not for war, but I felt this bright symphony in the center of my heart, diving into the ocean- or whatever it was. It was clear. Clearer than daylight under the skies. And we kept swimming. Swimming somewhere. Straight.

And so- the SECOND thing I've thought of when I woke up was..'I have to go swim'. It was. I swear.
In one word. It was so beautiful. Like, SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUl that I want to share it with you guys- but it's impossible.. I'm not to lie. It was the best dream I have ever had. This tops all the dreams I ever had.
In this dream, not just I loved the water and the scene of the moment- It was the family.......I felt safe..
I don't know if i discribed my dream right- Honestly I'm not satisfied with the writing I just wrote- because there was so much more to it. I just,.. don't know how to write it..


Neva Flores said...

Your writing is so lovely!

Fiducia said...

Woven in flow, a symphony of unfulfilled dreams....
Beautifully written..
I hope this dream comes true a day..
..a day with your bro and dad..