Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lead me, please.
To where I have to go.
Don't leave here
I need you here to catch me when
I fall..

I'm having this feeling. Weird feeling all of a sudden- I may say 'emotion', that... I really don't have a particular 'person' I can always rely on. I realized that I don't have that 'someone' to listen to me scream when I'm in tears or fear. I feel lost and I feel nobody can put me back to my place.. The person I want in my life right now is no longer breathing on this earth, The person I was born to love the most has faded away from my heart,-and the person I want to learn to trust more doesn't have time to be with me right now- And sometime, I feel like I've shown up a little too damn late, and I feel like I have been the problem to every damn answers. So answer this,. Am I alone?


Fé... said...

Wow... That's a strong statement you have there, that God has the most amazing place in the world. Thanks for writing that... Encouraging :)

我 MOI said...

Learn to love yourself and be okay in your own company because at the end of the day we are all alone. Regardless of whether we are at a party full of people, or having a Sunday lunch with our family members, speanding a Saturday afternoon with our lovers on the sofa, at the end of it all we need to be comfortable in our own skin to have time for it all.