Monday, January 17, 2011


I have thrown down my pen from writing..
for now.. Maybe It will come back to me when I get my other chance , but things are getting so serious..! I have so little time to do what I need to do,- my future, so I won't be blogging for a while. When I come back I will probably have dozens of posts ; but who knows, I may come back with nothing! Forgive me - not like my blog is famous or anything lol, I just want to thank all of you for keeping me writing, and the pen in my hand and keeping words in my head.
I will be visiting your blogs- but I won't be writing for long..
I promise I will tell you everything when I come back! I need to just get thinks planned, now that my dreams to writing and going through that to college has faded...

I'd really need everyone's support.
Damn right, I'm young-
I don't want to be the 'best' of anything, honestly, I just want to be the first...


Chocolate Lover said...

hey hailey :)

good luck for the thing you gonna do..

and this post.. was exactly what i wanted to write :p lol its weird and may be you won't believe me but seriously, the coming days gonna decide my future and its really important for me. =]

see ya
take care :)

Dasuntoucha said...

Blessings to you sis...I gotta a feelin' that whatever you set your mind to you will do...good luck to you...I'll be rooting you ツ ☮...ONE::

Anonymous said...

You are young, but also wise..
This is when you gonna find your inner-self...relax..cheer...and God bless...pray!!
Allz for well..and what's well is here to stay..the rest are the passing clouds..will wait to seek what's changed you and what's keeping you...all the best!!

Keep blogging..soon!

Anonymous said...

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