Saturday, December 25, 2010

++I hear

I can hear the negitivity chasing me around
But I do not feel the intergrity to see whats gone wound,
Earlier I was watching live speeches by Ms. Oprah Winfrey online,
Now I'm sitting here, listening to the infitine echos girdling around like an aching heartache,
She had said, " To move foward, you have to give back", Her voice was unbreakable.
Her posture & Her eyes held my world for that short seconds,
and so , it's been ringing the right bells,
that have never been rang before.
She doesn't know my existance,
But I'm over-greatful for her acknowledgements and her existance,
Now that I have re-founded my role model to look up to,
I now should start re-modeling my dreams and replace the mold,
Cause it's been sold to the past,
And I was told to chase after my dreams.

- Earlier after school and I just suddenly felt curious of Oprah Winfrey's biography and her steps to success, so I decided to jump onto Google and read her biography. I knew a little about her past and her sucessful life, but I wanted to know more- learn more. Maybe I was searching for something that I could have relate to so I probably wouldn't feel alone, but I found nothing.. Of course.
And then I decided to jump onto Youtube and watch some of her live speeches; and that's when my ears had opened. It was then, that second for the first time that someone had gotten over a 100 percent of my attention, and under ever words, every sentence- I knodded, because she was not just speaking to the camera lens,
It was YOU she was talking to. It was Me, who she was talking to. She reminded me what I was here for, and who I was here for..
Damn, honestly, its really hard trying to write down how I felt watching her speeches. I felt like I was seeing me, my future- on screen. And then I realized, THAT'S what I wanted to do. Stand out & stand for, the rights- and us.. She admits that she looked up to Barbara Walters, and I here, admit that I look up to Oprah Winfrey.

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