Sunday, November 7, 2010

17 already

Well, I'm turning 17 on November 15th...and It's already been 2 years I think? Since I've started this blog. Well, not exactly 15 but, I guess it's almost 2 years. Haha I haven't wrote 2 years worth of that's a little dissapointing.

Well, I'm not looking foward to anything for this birthday. Really, it's weird. I'm afraid of getting 'old' now.. Haha, I know you guys would probably want to choke me for saying that I'm 'afraid of getting old' when I'm only like 17, but it's true. I've met reality and soon I'll be meeting life, and I wouldn't wan't it to be a bitch like reality was when I first met it.

Well, actually I lied, I think I do want something for my birthday, but something valuable.. Something with a good meaning.. Like a ring.. or something. Something I can wear it forever and remind myself or whoever of whatever. I think that's what I want.

Oh and I'd really like a simple mood ring, but those are hard to find here in Korea.. I've never seen one here; I wish I had one, that would be the best gift ever. Haha

Ah, well I am moving to Seoul next year, and I am excited because I get to start off new, with new people and new opportunities... My mind is so fullfilled to learning- nobody even knows; it's just like, here.. I can't find any motivations or inspirations.. That's why I think I'm always trying to find myself out here. I admit, I am lost and I really need a strong leader to guide me just to get to my start line and I believe that, that can only be done by my brother( from another mother xD) Haha. I have so much respect for him.. really. As much I have respect for ever blogger out that gives up a little time to read my nonsense on my little blank page. Really, thank you, it is you guys that keep me motivated to write more.. and to check on blogspot to see if I got any more blogers or comments. Haha.

I remember when I started by 1 follower..and now, 54..That's really, greatful. Thank you again.


Err, I think I'm going to grab a hot cuppochino (it's 1:27 AM here) and write or do something.

:) xox


Audrey said...

Hey Hailey! Remember me? It has been a long time since I have posted on your blog. I took a little break from blogging, then I came back, and now I have moved to a different venue. But I am happy to see that you are still blogging. I cannot believe that you will soon be 17! Did you know that my birthday is November 16? We are Scorpio sisters, you and I!
Take care Hailey. Enjoy your cappucino!

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

hailey.. i can relate to this again! :)
umm i'll be 17 on 8th nov. and yeah i dont wanna grow up either..and just like u said.. i really want something special to happen.

*hugs* :)

Audrey said...

Haha! Good to hear from you Hailey. I look forward to following your blog again. I am now blogging at this address:
I would love it if you popped over from time to time!

Hope said...

enjoyed reading your post. try not to think of the aging body. it happens to all of us. don't let being 17 bother you too much. you have at least another 60 yrs. ahead of you. :)

have a wonderful day!

Short Poems said...

I'm afraid of getting 'old' now.... true talk. Loved your creative writing, lovely blog, great work!
I have written about Life last year
All the best
Marinela x

geebambino said...

Hey Hailey ! I don't think you'd remember me haha, but I've been reading your blog almost as a daily routine (: You're so honest to your words and I love that genuineness - if that's even a word hahaha ! Happy early 17th (: My 18th is on the 20th of November

geebambino said...

Hmmm perhaps - I think my boyfriend's been preparing something up his sleeve hahaha <3 what about yours - anything planned ?

Carrie Burtt said...

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Hailey! You have your whole life in front of you and so many new reading your words....keep on writing! :-)